linked group issue

Very very classical production scenario:

  1. you prepare a character in a scene, you group it
  2. you import with linked group in your scene, make the armature a proxy and animate it
  3. You need something specific for a shot (change material’s specular, a modeling tweak…), so you need to make the group “local”. The only way I know is “make duplicates real” function

and 4 … it brokes your hierarchy, you lost your animation.
How do you work with blender with this? Thinking a character will never change from the first shot to the last one is incredibly optimistic!

You may duplicate the .blend file containing the character with its armature and edit what you want then link it.

Also if you want to have only one .blend file, in your character .blend file you can duplicate the character mesh, edit what you want, put it in another group then in your animation file, link this new group and in the “object data” tab “duplication” panel choose the new group you’ve just linked.

This is a good workaround, thanks!