Linked Groups = Headache

I wrote this script that an empty detects a main character then adds a piece of land when said character is near that empty then when said character is a certain distance away it goes away. That was working fine for me until I made the land mass a linked group. It will add the land, but not remove it. So I tried another test; I attached an always sensor to the linked group then told it to print its name, and I got nothing as if the script never even run. So are groups capable of returning their names? If not that would be a nice feature in 2.5.
I can post the script if you need to look at it.

Update: Actually it can return it’s own name, but I found out that you’re adding the linked group from another layer, you can’t anything with it. I tried just simply adding a motion actuator to it to see if it would move, but it doesn’t. Just to let you all know, so you don’t run into the same problem.