Linked library is broken after collection rename

I created collections in Prop.blend and named them ‘prop 1’ , ‘prop 2’ , ‘prop 3’ , ‘prop 4’ and linked to Master.blend.
This works fine.

Over time, many collections were added to Prop.blend.
And I realized that they can be classified as static and dynamic.
Now I want to give the collections a new rule name to further organize the Prop.blend file.
The new names are ‘st.prop 1’ , ‘st.prop 2’ , ‘dyn.prop 1’ , ‘dyn.prop 2’ .

Save Prop.blend and open Master.blend again.
The link to the collection is broken.
I have already renamed many collections and there are no backups.
How can I solve this situation?

No auto-save? Other than that I don’t think I can help.

Does Blender’s link system fail to accommodate this? I think it should be possible to reorganize the name as the volume of the library grows.

Unfortunately, the way Blender works with linked files and caching, what you want is not possible.
Only linked blend files can be renamed, and relinked again.
Any name changes in a collection name, or object name will not work from a linked blend file.

afaik, the only solutions is to relink the Collections or Objects from a newly linked blend file.


Yep, glad someone jumped in 'cause I don’t know.

Um… Then it seems to be important to name the collection carefully using proven naming rules for now.
You should not change the name of the collection until the end of the project.
I hope Blender will support this situation in the future.

Yup, planning ahead is always key :wink:

And I don’t think will change, due to the way Blender works with data blocks internally.

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This happen even on advanced cad, you renaming the files cause missing parts in assembly, in fact they adopt a special procedure for renaming linked library

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