Linked object parent file


I had one so called master/parent file where I had models of multiple objects. Then I made separate files for every object and made linked copy from parent file to that new file. Then I accidentally moved the parent file and all the links are broken and I dont remember where I used to keep that parent file. Is there any way to check from “child file” where it expects the parent file to be?

Change Outliner window to show DataBlocks. Then for the object look under Library / File Path

Thank you for quick answer but that works only for objects that are on the scene. When I open that “child file” an empty scene opens, only camera an lamp are on the Objects submenu.

If the ‘child’ file is not there how are you expecting it to know where to look ?

It seems you need to start learning how to start managing your files properly. Being sloppy will only lead to sloppy work and time wasted for you and anyone you ask to help you.

On these child files used to be couple of models, these arent there now that parent file is moved. Child file is certanly trying to find that missing parent file based on old/broken link. Can I find out to what directory that broken link refers to?

On my defence I can only say that this is one of my old work, some direcories and even my laptop have changed since I created these files.