Linked objects disappear when opened on another PC

Sorry if this has been answered, I can’t seem to find it anywhere (including the bug tracker).

I create this folder and file structure:


monkey.blend just has a default monkey head.
scene1 has a link to the monkey head. Relative path was selected during linking. when i save this file ‘use relative’ is also checked.

Now if I copy this folder structure to a flash drive, and open scene1.blend it looks fine. But if I take the flash drive to another PC (I have tried 2 PC’s, both with the same version of blender) and open scene1.blend, the linked object is gone. If I made a proxy from the link then I have an empty with the same name in its place. Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Could I at least get someone to confirm this for me?

I submitted a bug report on this, they let me know that for relative paths to work the file must be saved before you add linked objects, or if you linked before saving, save the file and then use File, External data, Make all paths relative.

How can we confirm it for you if you don’t give us your example files? Confirming bug behavior requires confirming that there isn’t some other problem the original user didn’t notice. We don’t have psychic access to your original file, so you’re on your own for now.