Linked Objects In Scenes Help

I want to clean up my workflow and make my projects more organized.

Unfortunately, I’m a bit stuck and can’t figure out on my own how scenes work.

My goal is to have one “Source” scene and one “Live” scene. Source scene will have mesh objects and I want to use these mesh objects in Live scene to assemble the final scene. I assumed that I could create two scenes with New Scene → New then start working in Source scene filling it with mesh objects. Then when everything was ready I would copy linked objects to my Live scene to continue working there assembling the final scene from available objects from Source scene.

I couldn’t find a way to do this. Couldn’t find anything like send linked copy to a scene or similar option. If I created linked object and then copy it and paste in another scene it comes like a regular duplicate and not a linked duplicate so this idea also didn’t work out.

If you know a way to implement a workflow above, please let me know.

Then I began experimenting with creating New Scene → Linked Copy on a new file. I can’t fully figure out how it should work.

I created a couple objects in Collection in Default scene and then created a Linked Copy scene. Everything that was in Collection was properly linked/mirrored to new Linked Copy scene. Unfortunately, if I add new objects outside the default Collection which was there initially before I created linked copy those objects won’t appear in Linked Copy scene. It’s making it highly unintuitive to understand how these scenes are linked and there are nowhere any visual indications which collections are linked between which scenes.

Is there a way to manually make collections sync/become linked between two scenes? Am I missing here something? Is there a good workflow here with the scenes for my purpose?

I though of a workaround but I would appreciate an insight from more experienced Blender users.

Dec 31 here: I have pretty much the exact same question, with the addition that I do not want to be able to edit the meshes inside of my “Live” scene.

Basically, I do not want to have to reference multiple blend files, just multiple Scenes inside one blend file.