Linked objects missing after filepaths have changed.

Hi all,

after reading across the internet I haven’t managed to find the answer yet.

I have made the fatal mistake of reorganizing my project folders, and now my linked items aren’t loading into the main scene.

Is there a way to update the file path to the missing linked objects?

Thanks in advance.

Please start using the Support forums for support questions. I suggest you get a mouse with a scroll wheel so it’s not too much of a chore

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If you look through my post history, you will see I normally do post to the right areas, but in this case, I was not sure which area would be best.

So thank you for moving my thread to the right place. But I do not appreciate crappy comment.

Off-the-cuff, what about the Outliner window? (Gee, betcha there’s a Python script out there to do this.)