Linked Physics like on Durian / Sintel

Investigating the production files from Sintel I noticed there is baked directories with the psysics for the characters, like the Sintel hair, but I have curiosity about how they make it if the character is Linked and armature proxied ! I already know there is options on psysics panel for make bakes when is beign used like link, but how I can found the bake option when is a linked char? There is a key shortcut ? I already know there is control +B for clean bake, but at inverse way ?. I think this function is essential on medium /large projects.

I’m lost with this, thanks you for any help.

Thanks you a lot, this is pointing nice, but I have a problem: (I’m using 2.71) If I select a object from the instanced group on the roll menu from object tab, it not select it, turning to select the scene or something else.

I select the object this manner, and I make “click”:

But the result is this after the click, selects something similar to the scene :

So not select the object and pin that pins the instanced group. Could this method fail on 2.71 ? works for you?

Thanks you.

Thanks you very much! I was understand the object to pin was the object itself, so in few steps again:

  1. Prepare the physics in the origin file with “disk cache” and “use lib path”, save it.
  2. Link the group with the object inside from the another file
  3. Pin this object wich represent the linked group
  4. Select the object with physics from the dropdown menu in Object tab (must have a “L” left to name)
  5. Go for physics tab for found the cache buttons