Linked rigged character - Pose Library doesn't seem to be working?

I know this is an area that is being worked on, so apologies if this isn’t specific to 2.8, but I can’t get the pose library to work with a character that I’ve linked and made a proxy of the armature. I can add a pose, but if I adjust the pose and then try to apply the old pose nothing happens…

What I’m trying to achieve is I have robot character linked which I’ve posed as I want, but I decided I wanted a variant on the materials, so I saved a 2nd version of the robot with different materials, and I’ve linked that and made a proxy of the armature. I thought I could save the pose from the 1st one and apply it to the 2nd.

are you sure your armatures have the same rotation mode for bones ?
Avoid linking complexe things such as characters. Better simple “Append”

You dont need to make 2 version of same character if its just a matter of having 2 version of materials : you can go in Propriety panel -->Texture tab --> Material context… check, uncheck the materials you want / dont want

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Sure I just wanted to do things, in my mind, ‘the correct way’ - say I populate the scene with 10 of the same robot, and then I decide I want to change a detail on the robot, ideally I’d just do that in the source file.

As it is, right now, I have a linked robot, with a rig that I’ve made a proxy of, and I want to transfer the pose from that rig to a 2nd robot…

Ok , for the poses :
Save your pose(s) in a library you create, then u will see in the Dope sheet that an Action has been created (all your poses saved) with the name of your Library . After, you just have to File - ‘Append’ the Action in your new file.

edit : it seems in title you already how to do that (pose library) . If you want to have many variant of the mesh : i think its possible . Either simply use shape keys, other way (never tested it) create a new “Deform Armature” modifier ?

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I gave up doing it in a methodical way for now, as the short way was rapidly becoming the long way. So I appended and used pose->copy and pasted it to the other armature. Pose library method sometimes worked, but I undid a couple of steps and tried again and then it wasn’t working again. I couldn’t figure out the exact combination that would make it work or not work so resorted to the method above :slight_smile: