Linked Scenes and Loss of Camera Problem

I have a blend file with one scene in it called DriveBy.
It has textured models and lighting but no cameras.

I’ve created another blend file for doing an animation, the intention is to have an number of blends with linked scenes for each shot. I’ve linked my scene ‘DriveBy’ in from the other blend. So my second blend file has a empty SCENE and a DriveBy scene. I add a camera to DriveBY scene in the second blend file and render, all is ok until i save the second blend file, close it, then reopen it. The views are as i left them, ie the camera view i previously set up, the camera frames are visible ie. title safe etc are onscreen where i left it in camera view. If i try to render i’m told there is no camera. If i add a camera even though the camera frames are visible and blender tells me there is no camera, blender adds a camera but increments the trailing number by one, so i get camera.001 onwards.

Does the DriveBY linked scene wipe out any cameras set up when i reopen the blend file? If so do i need to create a new scene with a different name to DriveBY in the second blend file and some how get the contents of the linked DriveBY scene in to it because i can’t rename DriveBY as it tells me it’s library data.