Linked vs. Included Image Files

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Very often after I close Blender, then restart and load a .blend with some textured meshes, the image maps won’t “refresh” upon loading. I’ll see just a magenta shade over entire things.

In Adobe InDesign or similar, there are “linked” files and “included” files. If something is included, it’s part of the source file and it doesn’t matter where the original image is. If something is “linked”, and if you move the original image file, InDesign gives you a crappy low-res proxy and obviously you can’t go to press with whatever you’re working on.

I figure that Blender is doing something similar.

So, I can go in and “re-open” the image file with no problem. I usually don’t even move them. I just want to figure out what I have to do so that I don’t have to tell Blender each time.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Anyone? This is quite vexing to me.

Info view/File->External Data->Pack all into .blend

I have a similar problem from my linked general purpose math library, which for some weird reason I’ve managed to attach twice. It also contains some image texture definitions; processed/machined bumpmaps. So upon startup I have two entries for i.e. “sandblasted_bump.jpg” - first one comes up pink the other works.

If I do “File/External Data/Find Missing Files” and point to the texture directory, all those missing textures are updated in the work file. If I do it in the library file, everything is updated. If I save the library file and start a new file (startup file has this linked by default), the first texture is missing while the second works and I have to “find missing” again. Stupid annoying, since I can’t readily start from a fresh startup as many startup materials already use these functions.

See?? It’s doing it again and I haven’t even updated since I got the RC a couple of days ago. It’s maddening! :slight_smile: The image maps ARE IN THE SAME PLACE THEY ALWAYS WERE and the paths are correct.

Are you working in a windows domain with server-side profiles/directories?
Maybe there is a reason when your files cached and the cache is not synced.
Or a network drive not fast enough, maybe.

Did this appear when you linked files locally, to?

I’m not on any local networks. Both drives I use on my pc are solid state.

It would be great if you could Help->Report a Bug and provide the files needed to reproduce this!

I’ll see what I can do. I’ll have to use different files though because I licensed the image maps through Polligon and the house is from either Blender Market or TurboSquid. Can’t remember which one.

Should be able to recreate it though.