Linking actions of different objects? (NLA-editor)

I made a weapon reload animation I’d like to know make the different objects actions move simultaneously in the NLA-editor. I did try to make them into meta-strips, but with no avail.

It isn’t too big of a deal as the other objects are only there for rendering as the parenting of the rifle and it’s components will be redone in the games engine. But it’d still make life easier.

I made a running animation yesterday, but it’s on a separate file because I stored the reload on a fake user out of ignorance, but I obsess with backups so it’s okay :wink:

But once the running animation is an action it should be able to be imported, right?

P.S. The reloading animation in question can be found on my Youtube channel. (And it’s a good showcase of 12 years of doing 2D animation translating to 3D animation, as it is my first proper 3D animation, 2nd 3D animation all in all)