Linking After editing?

Hey, hey me with a question probebly answered somewhere. If so sorry.

I am learning modleing and blender at the same time. I created a decent body model and wanted to cloth it. Well maybe I should explain I erased the left half of the body in the early modling process and the created a linked copy and scaled x = -1. I figured to create cloths I could copy the half of the model and erase some of the verts then arange what was left to form shirts, skirts etc. It worked. Then I desided to make some mods to my base body model… Problem my modified breasts stuck out through the shirts. Is there a way to link the data from the shirt model to the body so that changes in the body changes the shirt but not visa versa?

wow a long way to go to get to the question but that is it.

Tough question. As far as I know there isn’t an easy way to do this.
What you basically want to do if I understand this correctly, is to set up a link between two vertices (A in mesh I and B in mesh II), where vertex A influences vertex B, but vertex B doesn’t influence vertex A.

A workaround might be found in the following:

  • Enter editmode mesh II
  • Select vertex B (which will be influenced by vertex A)
  • Press CTRL+H --> add, new Empty (you’ve just added a hook) [we’ll call this empty 1]
  • Enter objectmode
  • Spacebar --> Add --> Empty [we’ll call this empty 2]
  • Place it at the location of vertex A
  • Select empty 2
  • Shift-select mesh I
  • TAB into editmode
  • Select vertex A
  • CTRL+P --> make vertex parent
  • TAB into objectmode
  • Select empty 2
  • Shift-select empty 1
  • CTRL+P --> Make parent
  • M-key, select a layer you don’t use and is set to invisible (this step is just to tidy things up a bit and isn’t necessary to make it work)

This sounds like quite complex, but it’s really not that hard. It took me about half a minute. If you can’t figure it out I can also put the .blend for you online if you want.

Ps: hopefully somebody knows a better way.

thanks. I will give it a try. Two bad there is not a built in way to do it automatically the breast in my model has 90 polies. 45 in the breast itself, 30 in the areola, and another 15 in the nipple… luckily to make the cloths I delete about half of them and then extrude the rests downward, followed by painstakingly eliminating about half to two thirds of the ones in the extrusion from the areola and nipple. then extrude again. Makes a rather convincing blouse. I just wish I could find a good way to attach a good looking head to the model.

I have fixed most problems with the hands and am also working on the feet.

I have to get enough skills at making things look right with less polies looking at that count.