Linking / Appending: Changing current linked objects, to Appended? Possible?


There’s a good service called Green Button, really fast (not as cheap as Respower, so, not a good alternative for me), but by having tryed it, I’ve managed to find something that can be interesting in other renderfarm: Green Button, doesn’t support linked objects,etc.

Since, I’m a respower subscriber and I dont want to move, I dont actually give that much importance, tough, sometimes, there’s a couple of things that happen that I could really fasten up, if I could do something about the issue I exposed with Green button: The support for Linked objects!

So, my question is, if I’ve got a project that I’ve created with lots of scenes, that have linked objects to it, etc. Is there a way, somehow, to change Linked to Appended? keeping all ipo data, animations, etc: All crucial data! Transforming all this, as if, they were actually “Appended” and not “Linked” ?

  • I’m not talking about proxys! But as if, they were actually appended to the project.

Any sugestions, please let me know!

Thanks for your time and atention!