Linking blender models from different files?

(vicmmi) #1

I know you can append models from other files by embedding but is there a way to link blender models created separately in different files into one environment (file) and still lets you edit the individual models as well as animate it in the one environment?

This would enable the models to be edited separately by other animators and then animate it by another animator in a big project situation. And while the whole time editing is done, the models are updated automatically.


(Brian J) #2

Probably the easiest way would be to use the same file but to add different scenes with linked objects. That way work can be done in one scene and make changes to objects in other scenes. Look at the top tool bar in Blender, you’ll see a button with “SCE:1” on it. Click the “-” button next to it to add a new scene. You will be given the option to make an empty scene, link the objects in the current scene, link the oject data in the current scene, or make seperate copies of the objects in the current scene. I don’t recall how, but you can take a newly created object and copy it into another existing scene without creating a new scene.

Quite usefull.

Brian J

(MadMesh) #3

I don’t think that Brian J’s suggestion will work.
If you have more than one person working on a blend file at the same time you will eventualy save over each others work. To my knowlage blender doesn’t update multiple opened blender files as soon as one person saves any changes.

The only way to update is to reload the blender file.

(MadMesh) #4

%| I forgot to post a possible sollution… sorry, but here goes.

You can dynamicly link object data from one blend file to another, the only downside is the updating of the files. The only way i know to update is by reloading the “parent blendfile” in this case.

To dynamicly link object data from other blend files press: shift+F1 and select a DIFFERENT blend file than the one your working on. Once selected you wil be able to choose the object data of you choice; mesh, object, scene, etc… At the bottom in the load window there is a “link” button, by default the “append” button is selected. By choosing “link” you can dynamicly link the data and work with seperate blend files.

[!] You should be aware that “linked” data can’t be eddited in the “parent blendfile”.

Good luck