linking curves ( beziers or nurbs ) to cubes , tubes , ...

how can i link curves ( beziers or nurbs to other figures )
like when trying to make a car ( the hood has to be a bezier , but after that theres a straight line wich i cant make with a bezier , cant i link it to a plane or cube ? thx

You can make an empty and make it the parent of all the parts of the car.

well :slight_smile: no thats not really it

im trying to draw the car , so when i draw a Bezier ( curve )
i want to continue drawing with a straight line.

so i want to connect the end of the bezier to the beginning of a straight line
but it wont let me connect it , so i take the end of the bezier and beginning of line , and when i press " F " i doesnt do anything

thanks for your help

you cannot link a beziercurve to a mesh. You have to convert (alt-C) the curve to a mesh before connecting. But to make a beziercurve a straight line select the vertices and press the Vkey.