Linking in low poly rig and replace with high poly rig later.

Hi guys,

I setup a armature on a robot, but my robot is dense and slow. I have my high poly mesh on layer 1 and my low poly mesh on layer 11. I know that I can just rig both high and low poly to the same armature. However, I’m not exactly sure what are the steps to link in the low poly rig, perform some key frame animation, then replace my low poly with the high poly later. So far, I thought about doing this:

  1. Rig low and high poly to armature.
  2. create 2 groups. one low and one high.
  3. link in the low rig, make proxy and animate.
  4. once done, do I just simply link in the high poly rig?

Since it is using the same armature, the high poly rig will just inherit the keyframe animation. I just don’t know if this is the cleanest or proper way to do it. Can’t even find anything on the internet about it. Thanks.

I usually link them both in to start. I make the groups with the same rig.

I link both groups in. I proxy usually the high, but I don’t think it really matters.

I move the armature to it’s own layer.
I move the groups to their own layer.

Now your action points to your rig with is linked to both high and low group. You only need the one proxy rig. That way I can switch whenever I want just by selecting the correct layer. When I render I just exclude the low mesh.

I would like to know also if there is a better way. Sometimes you need to click the mesh twice to get it to know that I switched.

Thanks. That at least gave me a bit of confidence that I wasn’t completely off. Your method is currently the best explanation I’ve encountered :slight_smile:

Why do you want to rig the high poly?? are you going to use the model just for animation and visualization?