Linking Lamps

Is there a way to link a lamp to any particular object so that object will only receive light from that lamp? Actually, what I really need is a way to set an object to receive light from every lamp except for one particular lamp.
Thanks a lot!

Place the one lamp on a different layer than the object and enable the Layer button in the lamp settings. This will tell that lamp to only effect objects on its own layer.

Or add all but that one lamp to a group (in Object panel F7) and then set the material for your object to use only lamps in that group (in material settings on the shaders tab enter the lamp group in the “GR:” field.)

I was hoping there would be a better way but I hadn’t thought of using layers yet. i think that will be the easiest way. Thanks!

You may also want to look at the Limit to Lamp Group, and Exclusive buttons in the Shader Panel of the Material Subcontext. The first allows you to set a group of lights as the only lights that effect a material (and thus an object), and the second makes it so that the group of lights lights only that material (i.e. they don’t effect any others).