Linking Levels

Hello everyone.

I’m making a very simple game, and what I want to know is if there is any way of linking my levels together? All my levels are in separate .blend files. I want the next level to start after a certain time.

I was thinking of when i save the game as a runtime i could use a simple programme to kill the current window and load the next level in another window?

is there any way of getting this effect in Blender using python? in retrospect i realise it might have been smart to make one big .blend with many scenes. but ah well :confused:

any thoughts at all would be greatly appreciated.

thanks, Jack.

My question is why would you do separate blends, instead of scenes?

You can link scenes in your gamefile, this is the common way to do it. You can also use the game actuator and start other blendfiles.

linking is the most powerful way to build up libraries and share data

greetings, moerdn

I am not sure about how good it would be to get a program that would close a file then open another. I think that it would be a lot easier to have it in one big .blend file with separate scenes as each level. Doing it the other way seems a lot more complicated and I don’t think it would work out that great. It would also probably take a lot longer to load each file after having to close and reopen a file to use the level.

Well when i started i only had one level, and as i said in the original post i realise now how much easier it would be in one .blend. If i cant find a solution i will just do it all in scenes, but i wanted to see if there was anyway available that could save me the extra effort.

at the moment anyways, killing and then opening another window would be my last resort as it would be quite messy as you said zbryanz.

It may cost some time - but You start up with a clean heap for every level, and the player probably need a few seconds rest between levels anyway :slight_smile:

One big blend would take longer to load at game start and use more memory.

Use the game actuator - It will not be messy at all.

Well, the guys who made Yo Frankie! figured out how to do it, So it can be done. who knows how?

Look at the YoFrankie! setup. They use a library of blendfiles and grouping to make their assets as reusable as possible. You can link everything (scenes, models, groups) in your final gamefile. (File->Link)


That seems to be the answer, thanks moerdn :slight_smile: I will have to check it put later, I’m unable to at the moment, I’ll check back and let you guys know. But this seems to be right

You could append or link all your scenes into a master blendfile and then use a scene actuator to change scenes. I have done the same thing that you did (multiple blendfiles) and this worked for me.

@Monster. Yes i saw you post this a while back, it is a very effective method. thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much Monster, very useful information :slight_smile: