Linking libraries in runtime doesn´t work

Hello guys, what´s up?
I need your help, please…
I´m trying to export my runtime out of Blender 2.49b and it works just fine…
But when I disconnect the network (For example, when I try to play my exe in another computer) the linked libraries are lost…

I tryied with relative, absolute paths, packed, unpacked files…and nothing seems to work…
Does anyone knows how this works and how can this be fixed??

(A little explanation about relative and absolutes paths would be appreciated, because I do not totally understand it )

Thank you very much for your time!


Well, linked libraries rely on the blend files that they are linked from being present. Relative paths are paths relative to the blend file you are working on, e.g. ./resources/libraries.blend, while absolute paths are paths that start from the root drive, like C:\Myproject\resources\libraries.blend. For packaging runtime, you probably want relative paths.

Thanks for your answer Solar!
My path are relative now but still cannot see my linked libraries.
For example:

Have a main folder called

    • LEVEL

So I have the “main level” blend file in the LEVEL folder, and I am linking objects and characters for each folder…
I have my paths relative in the “main level” file, but when I save my runtime, my libraries (Caharacters and objects) are lost…

I don´t know what to do.

I´ll appreciate some help…
Thanks again!

I have the same problem… However I change my blend to absolute and the showed in my runtime, but I didn’t wanted it like that. You can try it but make sure you use a copy of the blend because after that I had minor problems. I really think much people don’t really know the answer to this question because it not answered much. Relative paths never worked for me or I’m just doing it wrong.

If I have this right, ensure that the runtime is at the same place as the blend file - that is where the relative paths start. When you distribute the executable, ensure that they’re zipped up in the same folder ‘map’, so to speak. EDIT: The blend files are necessary if you link to them.