Linking libraries or appending a file group

hello all,
im trying to link my character which is in a group to a new file however im struggling to achieve that…
ok lets go by part:
if i append a specific group ,my character for example i cant position the appended group to the different areas of the new file coz everytime i press p to play it it gets to back its place right away ,and my guess is that its set to local settings which is enherited from its group,so by linking the library i wouldnt have the same problem but by the same token i cant edit the group dynamics and set its camera to active neither ,since its not an actual object!
im not sure if this looks any clear for anyone but if needed i can rephrase it!
thanks in advance,

ok can anyone tell me how to append a file without enheriting the x,y,z coordinates from a file so i can place my character anywhere i want? i only can achieve that with the Link option instead of appending however i cant make the character camera active and change the logic settings neither ,that would be possible only if i apply>make real but then it messes with the mesh bones etc…also the physics seems to get messed up when liking library …is that any clear for u guys?
so my goal is to append my character into a new file or maybe linking its group but without loosing its physics settings!!
so that being said,what can i do in order to achieve such a task?
Thanks in advance and im hoping someone will reply to this thread since im stuck wit it and cant move on to the game first map creation!