Linking my texture folder?

I moved my texture folder to a new location and now the texture does not show on my object. How can I link the texture to the new texture folder location?

If it is a UV mapped texture, in the UV/ Image Editior window, select image…replace.

For an image texture not UV mapped, in the image panel, click “Load Image”, then navigate to the new folder and selelct it.

but I have more than one texture so I have to relink all of it one by one.

Yes, I believe so. To avoid this in the future, you should consider “Packing” your blend file. What this will do for you is to pack all of the images used for the texture into the blend file. If they are in different folders, it wont matter. After, you can move the blend file to a different location an UnPack the file. When you Unpack, you will have several options as to where and how to store the images.

Ic… I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks!

having problems with the pack and unpack. when I unpack my texture files. some of the jpg files can not be read when I went to the folder to edit the image.

i made a script just for that when i moved my texture folder
here it is

import Blender
from Blender import Image as i

images = i.Get()

for image in images:
    filename = image.getFilename()
    found = filename.find("Textures")
    #replace "Textures" with the name of your texture folder
    if found != -1:
        filename = "C:\\Blender Docs\\"+filename[found:]
        #replace "C:\\Blender Docs\\" with the location of your new texture
        #folder like mines in C:\Blender Docs\Textures