Linking number and spacing of meshes to the grid

I’m looking for a way to have my model (which is just an xy-plane) subdivide its surface mesh to correspond to whatever scaling I’m using for Blender’s grid, if anyone knows how to do this?

To provide a bit of context: I’m tracing out a topology of a particular water boundary. The model will eventually be exported from Blender and imported into simulation software. It would be really handy if there is a systematic way I could have my model such that X number of meshes exactly equal one grid spacing, for which I will have units set accordingly. This doesn’t mean that the number of meshes have to exactly fit the grid, but rather just have a proportionate scaling.

This way, when I’m looking at just the mesh outside of Blender, I can immediately know what the distances are that I’m working with just by knowing, for example, that one mesh spacing is 1 m, 10 m, 100 m, etc., whatever I decide to set for the number of meshes per grid space.