Linking Object Data Without Affecting Rotation

Hello everyone :slight_smile: I used the array and curve modifier to make an array of a T shape along a curve. Now I’d like to make some changes to the T. Normally I would simply make each copy an object by using separate-by-loose-parts (moving all origins to geometry of the resulting object respectively), and then use Control-L to link object data and easily edit one to affect the others. But in this case I can’t do that, as linking object data immediately affects rotation of all the other T’s before I can begin editing. I was wondering if there was as way to prevent the T’s to assume the rotation of the one I’m editing.

I have another question that’s related to the array along path/curve, maybe I can add it here instead of opening another thread? The array works nicely but for a path like this the resulting T’s are somewhat distorted. Is there any way to prevent that from happening?

Thank you in advance for your help and guidance :slight_smile:

IMO Best way is by curving just a plane with dupli faces.

Thank you Gorion. :slight_smile: That is a fantastic technique that I was not aware of. Works perfectly :slight_smile:

Thank you JuhaW. Will try the add-on too.