Linking objects and drivers

Hi guys,

I recently started working with Blender, coming from 3ds max I love the versatility and ease of use, data blocks FTW!

So on to my problem, because I will be reusing a hero asset in multiple scenes, some animations and some still renders, I am thinking of having 1 scene with just my hero asset, and then link it to separate scenes for separate projects.

So I set up some drivers to rig my asset, it’s a mechanical asset (an elevator), that can change size(using shape keys) and a number of floors(array), each door can be opened, and the platform can go up and down. Additionally, I have some custom properties set up to control the color and some lights on it.

All of the custom properties are on 1 null object, parented to the root of the elevator.

Everything works great until I try to link my collection in another file.

I can’t find a way to access my custom properties from the null I created, I can’t add custom properties to a collection, so I’m not sure what the correct workflow for this is.

Would be great to get some advice!

Thanks a lot guys!


Make proxy or add library override is meant for cases where we want to animate/change properties of a linked object.

I have never used them with drivers or custom property etc, but I suspect your solution would be somewhere in these two features.