Linking objects from .blend file while keeping uv-coords

Hello everyone!

Please forgive me if this questions is rather simple to you, but I am actually using blender (2.47) for about 3 weeks now.

My problem is that I have models in different *.blend-files. To render a scene I would like to merge them all in one *.blend file. So far I did that with “Append or Link”/Shift-F1which I use to import the desired object from a *.blend-file. That gives me the desired result of having all models in one *.blend-file, however the uv-unwrapping/uv-coords seem to be lost for the linked models. I have seen in this forum that other people are also using “Append or Link” to merge *.blend-files. Am I missing a setting? Can I import the UV-coords seperately? I looked in the file dialog but couldn’t discover something like uv-coords in the *.blend-file to be imported.

Thanks in advance,

When you first select your Blend after choosing Append / Link, make sure you double click on the Object folder and then select the object(s) to append. This should bring the UV coordinates over.

Thanks alot. I’ll give it a try.