Linking objects material issue

I’m creating a bunch of objects to add to my “group instance” list for easy access, and everything links great except for when i add two or more objects, then one material applies to all linked in objects. Please help.


are you sure you used the right hotkey command? ctrl G > add to group should not create links. try ctrl L ( add/remove links menu ).
(edit) maybe you duplicated an object using alt D ( make linked duplicate ) instead of shift D ( make duplicate )?

thank you for replying :smiley:
no,its not a hotkey problem because i add the object to a group manually through the menu. im not duplicating anything either. But heres my example. i created a brown table in one blend file and a white vase in another. then i created a new blend file and i got to file>link and then choosed the table first. it imported perfectly. then saved that blend file so that i can just go to that blend file and choose that table anytime because it will be saved in my group instance. (im kinda going for a sourceSDK kind of thing where you can just choose your modeled objects very fast like). Then i linked in the white vase. NOW, the vase is fine, nice and white. but then once i link the table, and place the vase on top of it (or in any position for that matter) it still remains white, but once the game engine gets turned on, the vase turns the same material as the table. as a result, and brown table and a brown vase. any suggestions

The only thing I can think of is that maybe blender is failing to rename imported materials that share a name with an existing material. Try naming your materials to ‘vase’ or ‘table’ maybe.

alright thanks a lot for your help :smiley: