Linking Question

Okay first of all I have a rig/mesh and im trying to create armor for in game purposes but im having a problem making the armor move with the animated rig. Im getting a lot of model collision problems ie leg coming through pants etc. Ive gone in and made vertex groups for the certain parts i want to move but still getting these problems. Should I go back and create the legs piece by piece ie girdle / upper leg / lower leg and parent them then do the same thing with vertex groups? Any help would be appreciated been looking for tutorials and such but no luck. Ive found tutorials for maya but not blender :frowning:

Is it possible for you to post a copy of your blend?

While it is often useful to create complicated structures as groups of individual objects, this might not be too desirable in the case of a leg, which basically needs to move and to react as “a single thing.” Doesn’t seem like a wonderful idea to me, and certainly not indicated in terms of solving your immediate problem. I usually do things like that with the help of the shrinkwrap modifier. Please post your blend.

Sorry heres the blend file btw im very new to this :slight_smile:


body1.blend (696 KB)