Linking rigged character - extra control objects

So I made a little two legged robot to practice with - following the humane rigging tutorials.

One question, I have grouped the object and stuff all together so that I can link it into other blend file. (Shift + F1 - add the grouped object). When I do that, all the objects I used as control objects on the rig also come in as extra objects, so I have to delete them manually. Any idea on what I am doing wrong?

In my bot scene - I have the rig control object on a separate layer. In the original file, they are still there.

This is what it looks like when I bring it in:

Where all the blue ones I need to go and delete.


you should have all your Widget objects on a separate layer then that layer should be turned off (as a Visible Layer) in the origin file

After you put your parts like armature, custom shapes on separate layers, then in your group dupli visibility, just turn off the layers you don’t want to see in your linked file for your group.


Ah - thanks!
Even more things I didn’t know even existed!