Linking Scenes


I’m having a look at Blenders linking system. What i’m currently aiming to achieve is to have a blend file with cameras, lights and a few objects. Into this I after linking in various other blend files, such as roads, trees, etc.

When linking files I am after linking to a scene. This is so that new objects (etc) are reflected. (as opposed to selecting all objects within a scene).

I can link in external scenes, but how do I ‘merge’ them (both to render, or to view whilst editing current scene)?

I can use the unamed combo ‘link to a set’ feature and merge a single scene, but not to multiple scenes?

Many thanks in advance…

… err, all scenes being used only contain static objects and will not be required to be positioned at all.

Actually I see how you can chain the unamed combo… convoluted, but it works…