Linking something made from multiple objects, paths, etc


I’ve created a model of something made with a lot of different pieces. How would I link the whole model into my scene without adding each object and material manually? I’ve tried searching for an answer to this but I just can’t find one.


Hmm, does nobody know? :frowning:

I’ve sort of figured out a way to do it. Add all the objects to a group and append the group, The problem here is that I need to link it, not import. If I try selecting each object and linking them, they change location relative to the overall model which completely ruins it. Does anyone have a better method?


You can hold down the right mouse button while selecting objects to link and drag over everything you want to select. You can also use the right mouse button with Shift and Ctrl like you would with Windows. If you link everything at once like this, it should all be in the right position.

On the header of the appending window:

Selecting “Append” not “Link” will make the imported objects local.

Turning off “At Cursor” will place the objects at their position in the reference file (the proper world coordinates).

If you have a group imported, pressing CTL+SHFT+A (Make Duplis Real) will convert the group into its component objects.


Thanks for replying. Renderer10, I did select my objects using the Shift-Right click method but as I mentioned before, the objects are not in the right positions.

Oh and I just realised my mistake in the previous post. I meant that I need to append the objects for them to work properly, rather than link them.

Astroman Pete, the weird thing is that whenever I append a group, I get it all the individual objects so I need a reverse of CTL+SHFT+A to get them together into one managable object. I just decided to select the individual objects and import them (combination of what you and Renderer10 said, turning off “At Cursor” did the trick). All the objects are now correctly linked so its working well, I think.