Linking the shape keys of different objects

I was wondering if it would be possible to link shape keys of different objects. Let me explain better what I’m looking for:

I have a character that I’m animating. He has facial hair made of particles that is separate to the character object. If I have a shape key set up for the character object that opens his mouth and a shape key in the hair object that moves the hair accordingly, is it possible to link the shape keys of the objects in such a way that if I adjusted one of the shape keys, the corresponding shape key in the other object would be adjusted automatically to the same value? This would make things a lot easier and would open up a world of possibility for me. Thanks.

Did you use an armature on your character? The reason i ask is: you can use an armature to deform a mesh or to drive the shapes of a mesh.

Insert the shape for the mesh that you want. Insert an armature bone if you don’t already have one. Go to the IPO window. Select the bone - > pose mode. Select “Shape” in the IPO window. Press N. Click “Add driver” in the popup window. Enter the name of the armature and then the name of the bone that is supposed to deform the mesh. Do the same for the particle emitter.

…You should be able to move / rotate / scale the bone and then the mesh and the particles will deform accordingly…

3sie 3wiel, you have no idea how much that helped. I saw something like this when I looked at the Elephants Dream resource files,but I didn’t know how they did it. Now my rig is set up to my satisfaction. Thanks a lot.