Linking to other document within blender game?

Hello, I have seen this topic addressed in the context of the old web plugin, but I’m not a programmer and I haven’t been able to find a blend file with an example so I can dissect it to figure out how to use it in the regular stand alone blender player.

My question is this:
Is it possible to make a stand alone executable in blender that would open up another document when you click on something? In example: you click on a picture on the wall in the game engine and it opens up a quicktime file and plays it. (or it opens a webpage, or a still image, etc.) Like I said, according to previous posts, it seems that with the web plugin you could do things like this, but I haven’t found any tutorials or example files that are detailed enough for me to be able to figure it out :smiley: I think if i could just open up a sample project I would be able to figure out how to make it work.


you might try looking for a python script that does this

Yep, with some python you can call for internet acces, opening a exe program, and load some data from external files. A good way to learn this would be learning the basics of python.
You might be thinking now, how the hack do I learn python? I can’t program. No worries, I know a freeware book that tells how to using python and it starts from the level, Beginner or even braindeath. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here a link:
It’s a PDF which need to download adobe acrobat reader from
to download python:

All software and instructions are crossplatform, as wel as python itself, as acrobat reader being availeble for all platforms. :slight_smile:

Hey thanks guys. I’ll look into the book. I’m really good at learning from seeing examples, so if anybody know of a python script out there that does something similar, that’s prolly all I need.

Hey thats nice. Thanks

That will get me started with python together
with the Blender Python related stuff from JMS site