Linking/Transfer UV Maps Not Working Smoothly

Hey Guys what’s up! I have this quick question, and a little but annoying problem here.

Alright so I have this Eyeball right and I have this other eyeball for my character. One of them have edited UV’swhich make them different.

So I transferred the uv on to my old Eyeball to my new one and then all of a sdden I get this weird issue, as if my transferred UVs are out of place or some thing. The transferred UV’s Uv map is position just fine but for some reason the faces are like swapped with other faces or something. Well here’s my picture for an example.

I know it’s an easier thing to just duplicate my Uv Mapped Eyeball Object instead of transferring. But I also came across this problem before when I was doing my character’s hair, (A Mohawk) I splitted all the pieces of my Mohawk into individual objects, worked on 1 piece of hair for texturing then I transferred that 1 piece to all the othe pieces of my uv maps to save a lot of time. But then the same thing happned to that as well. So now I’m worried. Anyone had this problem or know why it’s doing this? Am I Transferring UVs wrong?

Indice’s are wrong compared to other eye(quads(uv’s) are 90° from other

Hm? So are you saying I should apply my rotation?

nothing to do w/mesh/obj rotation!

Oh, Oopsie lol. I’m actually kind of having trouble with the keyword Indices.

Are you saying this is a natural behavior?

Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

I really would love to avoid this issue in the future for other textures I try to transfer with my UV’s

Would it be better if i just gave you guys my blender file?

Dudes? Any help?

Linking transfer works on the basis of the meshes indexes(indices) the 2nd sphere(eye) has either different geometry indexes or different uv indexes pic to explain

Oh ok Thank you. i’ll look back into this some time and see how things go.