Linking & Unlinking Objects


I am looking to Move from Max to Blender and need some advice on linking and unlinking objects…

I do quite a lot of mechanical assembly animations showing how our products are assembled.

Quite often i need to animate links between objects which i can do with the link constraint in max.

How in blender for example would I link a box to an empty between frames 100 and 200 but then link it to a different empty between frames 400 and 500


Hi, I think child of constraint is what you are looking for.
And you can add more then one constraint to an object.

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Ah yes that would make sense, as I can have multiple link constraints it kind of eliminates the need to specify specific frame times.

You will still have to key frame the influence value from 1-0 0-1 for each constraint in the frame you want it to link.

Im not sure what you mean, i just created a box and made it a child of two different empties and it seemed to work fine

What i meant is that if you wanted to unlink one of them at certain frame you will need to animate it.

Ok, I see what you mean, thanks for your help

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