Linking with modifier stack (SOLVED)

Hello Blenderinos.

Question here, is it possible to link an object with modifier stack, more precisely the curve modifier?

I tried everything, import group, create proxy, nothing works, so, am I missing something or is it just not possible?

Thanks for any help!

What precisely do you want. When I link an object it comes in with all modifiers including the curve modifier and the associated curve

Hello Richard, and thanks for the reply!

Does not work on my side.

Made a simple scene for testing, a cylinder, a path, I assign the curve modifier to the cylinder, choose the path as deformer, group the whole thing then try to link to a new scene, no modifiers in sight, tried to make a proxy, same thing.

I want to be able to link an object from a library with the curve deformer, like plants for example!

Here is a test file I am trying to link.

link_test.blend 477 kb

If anyone could have a look I would appreciate it, thanks in advance!

Correct, Blender can not do that. The solution is to use Append instead. Or to apply all modifiers in your external file before linking.

I thought so but asked any way, thank You very much Atom!