Links - HTML The most benign place I could think of to post this. And to blather on about some things I think might be useful for users (all levels / interests). I tend to be guilty of “tldr” so, this may not be of interest to some of you.

  1. There’s a wealth of information on Youtube. Perhaps some means by which that information is organized and categorized into specific areas of expertise / interest. It’s not Youtube’s job to be more user friendly when it comes to Blender and Blender task specific content. That’s something that those who have the most to benefit from having it categorized and organized might be interested in. Perhaps something to add “value” to the main Blender pages.

  2. As I’ve noticed in my modeling (meager, amateur) and my reading on various topics as I attempt to accomplish specific tasks: animation, 3D printing, imaging, etc. I’ve noticed that for specific tasks, there are some overlaps, also, like specific disciplines: engineering, chemistry, medicine, biology, etc, there are task related areas and levels of expertise and specific things that need to be known and applied that don’t apply to other disciplines. What you need to know to be a mechanical engineer, not the same as being a neurosurgeon, or an astrophysicist. My point here being: Blender is useful (from their webpage) for: - Character Modeling - Animation (2D / 3D) - 3d printing (design) - Motion Graphics - Video Editing - Game Design - Architecture - Artistic, Aesthetic, Abstract - Scripting

Depending on your needs and your level of design, it might be useful to have the ability to use text dynamically in Animation (Animation Nodes), maybe you live in the Video Sequence Editor and the Dope Sheet. Maybe you’re interested in modeling for print so the 3D print toolbox and “non-manifold” are where your time and attention are dedicated - Shapeways takes you in one direction; home printing takes you in another. Maybe you’re into architecture or functional design so specifications matter - inches or mm, tolerances, and mobility (bending, rolling, etc), as well as consistency - maybe Sverchok.

Scripting means your world is, perhaps, largely: Python. Artistic, aesthetic, abstract, maybe turns you to the grease pencil, sculpting, polyhedra, jewelry design, game characters (game design). What you need, most to know, depending on your interests, may be or may not be: composition, sculpting, editing at the vertex, edge and face levels, camera placement, lighting, extensive knowledge of nodes: compositing, animation, parametrics, texturing, materials, UVs, frame rates, onion-skinning, etc. Software interoperability: render farms, import / export options.

Blender does a lot. And it’s free. But, not all users use all tools to their fullest or optimum extent. Or care to. Or are interested in learning about all the possibilities. Sometimes, life’s just too short. What it takes to design a feature short isn’t the same as what’s needed to design a simple doodad that will pass 3D print muster. Sure there’s some overlap and some useful skills to be had. But, it’s not necessary to learn feature animation to get into 3d printing. The skillsets and aptitudes are different depending on one’s interests and the expertise one brings to the table. Even within disciplines. I know how to reverse an animation. Pixar isn’t going to be ringing my bell anytime soon. I know how to animate text. Doesn’t make me a motion graphics expert. I’m peripherally experienced with nodes, but, only at the point they serve my interests and that’s a minimal level of complexity.

Seems to me, it’s worth looking at not just what Blender can do, but, presenting it in ways that better cater to specific interests and interest levels. I don’t need state of the art graphics for 3d modeling. I may need state of the art graphics for feature animation or complex design. Eevee won’t matter much to me if I’m on a budget and not using state of the art technology. Cycles Rendering is nice for a professional presentation. If all I want is to know that a minor widget I’m developing for my own specialized used is airtight and manifold, that doesn’t matter.

I’ve bought books (and video - from Blender) on 3D printing. They tend to get more complex: character development, realistic models, than I’m interested in. Some things I’m interested in bore others to tears. And, vice versa. Certainly it’s not possible to answer every / any question about any / every area of interest. Right now, it seems like there’s a LOT of information out there, and it’s not too well (or as well broken down) as it could be, so that whatever one’s entry point or area of interest, finding the motherlode of relevant information with minimal effort isn’t always possible (or easy). Perhaps some AI (or customized interfaces (I know, they’re under consideration / development)) is in order not just at the program level, but, also at the instructional / tutorial levels as well.

I’ve said, Blender isn’t perfect, there’s room for improvement. At the peak of my frustration, I’ve said it sucks. That’s not true. Blender is in evolution. It’s getting remarkably better. But, like EVERY other program out there, it’s not perfect, never will be. It does a LOT and it’s FREE for WHATEVER use you may have in mind. That’s a REALLY good deal by comparison, for what it does and how well it does it. Just my thoughts on the subject. I come to this at the tender age of 62. So, at this point in my life there’s only so much reinventing my wheels will take. I hope this is a useful contribution.


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I like what you’ve written, but it’s terribly difficult to read. I don’t mean to critique your writing, but could you include some paragraph breaks? I think this thread could start a great discussion about Blender, but it’s hard to get through the post and almost feels like spam at first glance.

There is always more to learn, especially with Blender. I hope your 3D journey has only just begun :smiley:

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In actual response to your post, you should be looking forward to Blender 2.8. The plan there is to tune the UI so there are different workspaces in Blender that cater specifically to a given task that a [non-generalist] user may be interested in doing.

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