Links in pdf-format

I’m writing a tutorial for Blender, which I want to publish in pdf-format.

I type everything in Open-Office, to transform in to pdf when it’s ready. My question is: There will be a lot of pictures “involved”, and they will be to big to show next to the text. Instead of having people to open these pictures manually when they read “see picture 2”, I’d like them to be able to simply click a link in the pdf.

When the image is hosted on the internet, this is easy, as for all computers, the adress will be the same.
But linking to a file on a computer is different: I know it’s possible for one computer, but on another pc, C:/Documents and Settings/Sven/Desktop/image1.jpg will of course not exist.

How can I solve this problem?

Maybe some info here?

Thanks for that document. It didn’t containt my answer though…

The “linking” which is described in the document you provided is about “pasting an image into the document”. What I am looking for is just a link, which opens a new window with the image when you click it.

Thanks for the help though.

My father helped me describing what I want, so here it goes:

I want to have a folder with many images and one pdf-file. (This PDF-file will be created using open office, so I have all the possibilities open office has)
In this pdf-file, there should be links to images. These links should not be “accurate”, like “C:/Documents and Settigns/Sven/Desktop/image1_1”,
but they should be “relative”, like
“The image is in the same folder you found this document”.

Like this, the links work on all different computers, without having to change the links.

Sorry, I know this is my third post, but when I edit, no-one sees that I added some info…

I asked a friend, and gave him the following model: A folder called “folder” with the document and the image “image.jpg” inside.
He advised me to link to the image as

but none of these worked. I’m starting to doubt wether it is even possible to “link relatively”.

rather than linking to c:/docu… have a folder with all the files and link to it like this:
{folder}document.pdf image.jpg{folder}

make the link to image.jpg or if the images were in a folder labeled images then type the link as images/image.jpg hope this helps

I don’t exactly get what you mean,

Do you mean I have to link to {folder}document.pdf image.jpg{folder} (in this case {Stargate Tutorial}tutorial.odt Image1_1.jpg{StargateTutorial} )
or do I have to link to
image.jpg or images/image.jpg

Ok, this thread can be closed. On the Openoffice Forum I found this entry:

OpenOffice does save the relative path of files. It shows the relative path when you insert the link into the document; the absolute path is showed next time you open the file (at least, this is how I think it works).

The problem is: while you are editing files, OOo seems to use the absolute path, so if you export the file as PDF, the resulting file will also use the absolute path, not the relative path.

So I’ll try to do it another way.