Linux 2.6!

Woohooo! :smiley:

I suppose that makes sense. :wink:

Allthough your post is not very enlightening (:P), I would dare to ask, if by any chance it means, that you have installed the latest 2.6 kernel on your box… :wink:

Please reply, because I have a few questions to ask you about it… :wink:

Makes me want to switch to Debian. I’ve been threatening myself to do just that for a long time it seems. I so appreciate point and click but that makes me lazy I suppose.

You fool!..It’s not the latest, it’s the official non-beta superduper version!!! :smiley:



It’s probably still full 'a bugs tho… not that I would notice or anything… as far as I’m concerned 2.4 holds plenty for my blending :slight_smile:

Have you seen this

It’s the feature list

Yeah and it’s awesome! :smiley:

It does have some pretty essential security updates. If you’ll recall the Debian servers were recently hacked. This version includes the fix.

i have to agree that 2.6 sounds more and more tempting from day to day …but i like my kernel 100% stable …while 2.6 for now can cause troubles …still waiting to see vanilla-2.6.x get an unmasked ebuild :slight_smile:

but yea, 2.6 is supposed to be an ultra-kick-ass kernel :smiley:

i will probably get it, just so i can listen to music better


I certainly am a fool, cause yesterday I got an “itch in my hands” (:P) and wanted to try this diabolic thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

So I downloaded the 2.6.0 kernel and installed it… It seems nice, except from the fact, that I get a couple of errors during boot… The weird thing is, that the modules that are supposed it can’t find, I’m pretty sure that I enabled them during configuration (I doublechecked it…) and they are installed in /lib/modules/2.6.0… Also it can’t initialize iptables, ALSA and some other stuff… Apart from these, everything else seems to be working o.k. (for the moment…)

Boy!!! I sure am pretty good when it comes to trashing computers… :stuck_out_tongue: lol

Anyway, I don’t know if this is because of bugs in the kernel, or I simply need to upgrade some packages…

Maybe I’ll try a few more things (when I find time…) and let you know…

You’re not fooling me you mole! You just wanna find some way to trash the penguin! :wink:

what I’m interested on hearing from you, or anyone that testdrives this, is the ALSA better now than OSS… by better I mean mostly is it faster :slight_smile: in blender, when you do scrubbing or videoediting in sequencer… I always have had problems with sounds… they tend to get really slow. also, in some videoedtiors I cannot use sound at all (like cinelerra) it just … doesn’t follow the video.
that’s a bit annoying, and I have thought (and hoped) that it’s partially because of the old sound system linux has… so… I have waited that ALSA would fix this.

how is it?


Eric, Sorry for the double post??? Must be getting senile

Hmmmmm my question is, is this suposed to be in jest with the winky or are you being serious.

first off i havn’t actually trashed the penguin. i have trashed linux LOL.

however i have done so out of frustration as i am perfectly happy to use Liunx i have no problems with it, and infact favour open source to microsoft.

however so far linux has not done what i need it too, or not done it easily.

i installed a fresh pretty much default Mandrake 9.2 and guess what the Nvidia drivers refuse to install. :S stupid somthing in that mix somewhere.

the drivers should be able to install no problem. missing kernal headers and no interface for kernal messages blah blah blah. kernal is version 2.4.22 i believe.

anyway the point is so far it hasn’t worked for me, i havn’t yet given up and am prepared to try and fix it.

but seriously its not linux that bothers me its stupid linux fanboys that are like OMG linux is the best, it is better than every single OS out there, i mean its better than winblows and microgay, and stupid bill gates…

i have no suport for microsoft infact i hate them, but so many linux fanboys get the two confused, and claim that windows is instantly crap because they don’t like bill.

so if i have ever sounded like i love him well frankly tis to piss off linux fanboys who want to be pissed off.

only microsoft product i use is Windows XP and MSN, nothing else, not even IE or WMP or anything.

so far linux doesn’t cut it for me personally, partially becasue i don’t know everything that i am doing, but partially because of the linux suport for hardware not being automatic, having to manually tell the OS what hardware you have and what settings it can handle seems a little silly IMO.

however i hear that the new 2.6 kernal will remedy many of these issues.

hopefully it will help bring linux to the actual desktop market rather than the geek desktop market.

2.4 was the first accessable desktop linux kernal (by what the link tells me), and 2.6 will hopefully take that one step further.

included ALSA is very important, as OSS is out of date

LOL if you get offended by my speak then you are too linux fanboyish LOL.

like if someone complains about blender not having proper raytracing capabilitys and N-gons etc… or not being easy to use in a certain area i wn’t go around saying that its so good and that stuff doesn’t matter, i will simply say, “yeah i know, but it is getting better”


a thousand pardons Master Alltaken. It really was a wink as in :wink: I figured turn around was fair play but alas you wouldn’t expect such things from an old cogy wizard/hermit. I meant no harm whatsoever. Your previous post with regards to your motives was quite clear and comprehended. I did manage to get a rise out of you though :smiley:

Timonides: I guess you need module-init-tools instead of modutils for 2.4. if running debian, just apt-get install module-init-tools. :wink:

there are places like this elaborate on the details.

homebody, I really want to try debian again. I installed woody quite a while back but really got hung on the way. I know I need to wean from Red Hat but it’s so blasted easy :o Do you run debian and how’s it with blender?