linux and blender crash

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I’m a newbie. I’ve been absorbing as much information as I can and experimenting extensively with blender 2.25 on my red hat linux partition.
Yesterday it locked up and I am now only able to get into run level 3 (ie the x server is shot.) I saw a temp file in there somehwere loaded with .blend files and also a notice flashed by while booting that said “No more space on partition” :wink: :-? !? It’s a twenty gig hd!?? Any help is appreciated

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maybe it’s just that??!! You have no more space in the Blender partition!!!
Check in console mode: do df in the console watch the space amount available.
If you have Midnight Commander instaled do mc in the console and delete some files.
Blender do autosaves in tmp directory that you must delete often
Search for those

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thank you for your reply. I deleted a bunch of .blend files in /tmp but it still hangs. I may have trashed x or something with the blends. My partitions are set up so that /home is a seperate partition (it’s 8 gigs) from / I did df and root is 86% used while /home is a mere fraction of spaced used. I’m going to try and reconfigure x and see what happens. I’ll let you know.

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well I reinstalled my / partition and seem to be back to normal. I don’t have clue what went wrong but i did mkdir /blend_temp to store my temp blends in. back to learning blender!

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Glad that all’s good now.
Me, i’m trying to install the Mandrake 9 since three weeks.
Linux it’s a Zen school :slight_smile: