Linux and completely glitched Eevee

I can’t get Eevee to work on my Lubuntu 18.04 while it runs on Windows 7 without any problem (same machine).
GPU: Radeon HD6850
I’m using default Obenbox windows manager and Compton for vsync ( I checked the latter doesn’t make any difference).
Any Linux ninjas here willing to help me out? :worried:

It does pretty much the same on the rendered image, although greater sampling values reduce it (but not completely).

If you are testing Windows and Linux with the same last version of Blender downloaded from Buildbots builds, and you have problems in Linux, this is something that you should report to developers. You must be registered and have an account here:

Then you open Blender 2.8 in Linux, and from the menu “Help”> “Report a Bug” it will collect information from the OS and hardware, opening your browser where you must log in to report. It may be necessary for you to give a little more information about Linux distribution and version.
In addition to the screenshot showing the problem, share with developers a simple .blend file scene where you can reproduce the problem that you show in screenshot.