Linux and OSX on the same machine

You can simply dualboot linux and OSX, like people do with windows on pc.

Read the install instructions of yellowdog linux

But it is even better… you can run both AT THE SAME TIME and for free

you can boot any OSX/MacOS version in a window OR you can run it in a virtual graphical terminal: press CTRL-ALT-F6 and you are on linux, press CTRL-ALT-F7 and you are on OSX.

Pretty good… unfortunately I don’t have the money to throw at a mac.
(I would use primarily linux 'cause well… I honestly think OSX interface kinda sucks :slight_smile: )

I fail to see why in the world anyone would ever buy a mac and run linux on it. You might as well buy an SGI ONYX and run linux on it…


i know, this is flamebait (already seen in other similar threads), however I’ll reply

I’d run linux 'cause it is a better OS for me

I can’t stand the brushed metal style

I can’t stand the glass aqua stile

I find linux hugely comfortable (and I don’t think apple has an apt-get equivalent for the install/update process)

I much prefere free software, thanks

I can always run OSX in parallel, without dualboot if I need one of those nice iApps.

Don’t assume other people have the same needings as you.

I tend to agree with Zarf, but to each his own. However, I think that I would simply install Linux outright if I was going to do that. Slightly-used PPC Macintoshes are very easy to come by. Dual-booting, while possible, is complex when the hardware is basically inexpensive to begin with.

I think it’s pretty narrow to call my post flame bait and I don’t think you got the gist of my post at al (and I would also appreciate it if you could point out where else on the forums I have posted ‘flame bait’)l.

Now I don’t have a problem with people using Linux per se, but I don’t see the wisdom in running Linux on the PowerPC platform when it is much better suited to Intel/AMD hardware (of which I own quite a bit). The reason I mentioned SGI is that although they serve two very different market segments, both companies products benefit from the fact that the hardware is so intimatley tied to the software. As far as I can tell running Linux/FreeBSD/OpenBSD ect on apples or SGI’s give you none of the benefits and all the problems inherent to the platform.

If that works out OK for you then I certainly won’t argue, however I do find the choice quite peculiar. I did also forget to mention in my first post that I find the idea of running linux and OSX in parraleell quite cool actually, even if I personally wouldn’t have much use for a setup like that.

To each their own,

putting a linux on a slighty used mac may make sense, but i will agree fully with zark, that using linux on one that can run well Os X is at least of doubtfull value.

At least you can run Darwin with X11. And even that dont make much sense, as you cut yourself from the benefit of running the most advanced GUI existing, while this one wont interfer at all with anything you want to run in X11.

Sorry if I sounded harsh.
I read different forums, and each and every time the “linux on mac” argument arises a flame starts with very similar posts.
I’m just oversensitive, I guess.

Why you say so?
Linux uses the AltiVec acceleration, and linux-running powerbooks have the same long battery life.
Exactly what benefits do you think maclinux users are missing?

Sure, there are drawbacks, like the hassles with Airport Extreme and some binary only packages (like flash).

I think you’d be surprised coming to a meeting of the local LUG here in Milan: last time I visited most of the people had powerbooks, and nobody ran OSX.

Linux users like the very well built laptops, and to some the very fact of not sending money to uncle Bill is a plus.

…but obviously you are right, to each his own: no flaming intended, actually.

you could put linux on as second OS.

in that way, you could access some new apps, and games that are not ported to osX.

also, I have a friend running old mac, with only linux installed it. reason is, machine can’t handle os X, and linux is more friendly enviroment for the stuff he uses that mac for.