linux apps on mac

is there any way to emulate a linux environment on OSX?

Yes, its called compiling from source.

If you mean something like Wine for Linux, then I don’t know.

If you mean make OS X look like a distribution of Linux via a theme or change of window manager then the only way is via X11 but that only works for X11 apps. If you want to know how to run Linux inside OS X, you can use Parallels on an Intel Mac or Virtual PC on a PPC.

He wants to know how he can run linux programs on a osx…
(Sounds specific enough for me…)

I’m running Ubuntu Linux in both Parallels and the new VMWare Fusion Beta 2 on my Mac; both work very well. (Both can run Blender!)

Other Linux software can sometimes be compiled from source (which sometimes means it needs to run under X11), or installed with a tool like Fink, but in general I find that Linux software runs best in linux.


you can just install linux on your Mac too and dualboot