Linux Assistance

Probably not the best place to ask this, but I know there are plenty of Linux users here.

I’m running Fedora Workstation 21 and for the most part am quite pleased with it, however I have an issue when waking it up. After closing my laptop and putting it to sleep then reopening it Fedora runs really slow/choppy, even the mouse cursor is choppy and there’s this little blinking semi-transparent black bar at the bottom of the desktop. I have to log out then back in every time I wake up my laptop to correct the issue. If I log out before putting my laptop to sleep then log in after waking it up the problem is still there, I have to log out and then back in after waking it up to correct the issue.

Does anyone have some thoughts on how I might resolve this issue?

When you have the problem, open the system monitor and you see if there is a process using much CPU/RAM.
Upgrade to a new Kernel or/and graphic driver sometimes solves these kinds of problems.

You also research about how to analyze the output of “dmesg” and system logs to find possible problems.

Thanks YAFU, some great suggestions there. I’ll get right on that just as soon as I finish updating with yum. Hadn’t updated in a while and there’s about a gig to download while connected through my cell phone’s mobile AP using Edge, no 4G :(, so I’ve got like 400 or so minutes left.

Also thinking about installing a different desktop environment. Maybe I’ll post a new thread to see what opinions the Blender community has on the various options available. Thanks again!

Guess I spoke too soon, after getting all the updates installed it seems to be working perfectly :slight_smile:

I really think it has something to do with the video card or its settings in the BIOS.

Here’s some info on sleep states:

a lot of linux OS’s on Laptops have issues with some of the mostly Microsoft designed hardware
hibernation on laptops has been iffy for YEARS but getting better

As a long time fedora used ( fedora 4 and up ) you WILL!!! want to do a new OS install EVERY 6 MONTHS when a new version comes out

22 was released recently so a good rule of thumb is about after 30 to 60 days ,install the NEW version .

this gives the Developers time to fix the bugs that they WILL fix in that version

the new OS installer in fedora is good for installing the UPDATES from the web so use the netinstall or cd image

“fedup” is supposed to work well BUT i have NEVER!!! had a system upgrade on fedora work out well
i have had to do reinstalled to FIX too many busted upgrades

a few years back i decided to get off the " fedora roller coaster" of new installs every 6 months and use OpenSUSE and ScientificLinux as my main OS’s
– longer life time than fedora’s 13 MONTHS

one thing that can mess up hibernation is your graphics driver
you have not informed us as to your chip or card or if it is a “Hybread” intell/nvdia optimus

Actually, you may have missed my last post, this issue resolved itself after finishing about a gigs worth of updates. At any rate I’m running an ATI Radeon 4100 Mobility using the open source Mesa drivers and recently verified that it is indeed running in hardware mode, not software.

Just installed the Plasma 5 desktop environment last night and doing some customization and such now, but so far I love it!

@JohnVV: Why do you suggest upgrading Fedora every 6 months, does support for the previous version cease shortly after a new release? If I’m installing a new version from ISO will that need to reformat all of my Linux partitions and erase my personal files, or just reformat the root partition? I’m pretty sure that I’ll be using Linux as my primary OS from now on so this is good info to know.

What Desktop Environment do you prefer by the way? Like I said I just started using Plasma 5 and like it so far, but it’s only been, you know, a few hours. Wasn’t a huge fan of Gnome3, though it wasn’t at all bad and seems quite stable. The only thing I’ve noticed with Plasma so far is that it doesn’t recognize my touchpad, Gnome3 did, so I can’t tap to click or scroll from the side of the pad.

Good to know :slight_smile:

KDE (KWin + Plasma)

Recommendation: Do not mix components from different desktop environments in the same installation, usually causes problems. If you want to use KDE (Plasma), look for the Fedora KDE CD/DVD and do a fresh install. Or look for other KDE distro (Kubuntu, OpenSuse).

Alrighty, I’ll probably hook up with a fresh Fedora 22 KDE install in a few weeks or so, not in the mood for another days worth of downloading that 1.1GB ISO at 15kBps

Fedora releases a new version every 6 months
and supports any one version for ONLY 13 months
so 21 will go END OF LIFE 30 DAYS after fedora 23 is released

after that there will NEVER be any support for 21
no security updates , nothing

and fedora has a habit of releasing VERY DIFFERENT and VERY NEW versions
and making some drastic and major changes from one version to the next
– fedora 22 is using “DNF” and 21 is using “yum”

( so much so that saving the settings in your $HOME folder might not work in the NEW version )

i NEVER!!! had a distro upgrade go well with fedora
“preupgrade” never worked well
“fedup” should do better seeing as the repos are a bit more condensed into mostly “rpmfusion”
it ??? might ??? work better , but DO NOT BET ON IT!!!
– hope it works but PLAN ON A NEW REINSTALL

as to your Desktop

Fedora is VERY !!! Gnome centric

now i DISLIKE!!! Gnome3 with a PASSION!!! - i loved Gnome2

gnome3 or KDE4
you will ether LOVE gnome 3 or HATE IT !!!
– kind of a left / right brain thing

you can install KDE on fedora just fine, BUT you will need to ALSO have gnome installed

I can recommend Linux Mint. 5 year support cycle, good graphic driver support, and access to the ubuntu PPA’s/repos.
I’ve been running mint since Ubuntu switched to Unity, and enjoying it immensely.

If you’re feeling adventurous, I can recommend trying the window manager/desktop environment called i3wm. It’s a tiling window manager, and can improve your workflow by (my estimate) 10-20%. Has quite a steep learning curve, but once you learn it you will hate traditional window managers for their slowness. I can barely tolerate any window manager that has floating windows you can resize and drag around. If you’re a programmer or artist, i3wm is immensely useful.

@sdfgeoff: Uh oh, my current game project makes extensive use of floating resizeable windows heh. Although being a game it’s probably more about wasting productivity than increasing it :smiley:

@johnvv & sdfgeoff: I’ll probably do some more shopping around for Linux flavors when I’m ready to download, everybody seems to have a favorite :wink:

Just wanted to thank everyone for their assistance here. I decided to stick with Fedora for now and upgraded to Fedora 22 KDE which is working wonderfully. Everything works well, quick and responsive, looks great and my mouse touchpad works now :slight_smile:

The Plasma 5 desktop is awesome and incredibly customizeable. So far I’m not regretting my switch from Windows, though I’ll probably keep it around if only so I can still use Visual Studio to create Windows installers for my applications.