Linux AVI/DIVX/Video Player

Please help me. I am looking for a good AVI/DIVX/MPG/Video player. You know something I can play all the video clips off of elysiun’s wip forum. I am running Red Hat Linux 9.

  • Atariman -

I’d recommend Xine or Mplayer (or both).

I’ve not (so far) had a media-file that either Xine or mplayer could play.

Xine -

Mplayer -

Good luck!

Thanks for that info. If I could tap your brain one more time, I need a good vector program. Something comparable to CorelDraw, Illustrator, or Freehand.

  • Atariman -

I think you should try Sodipodi, it looks very capable. :slight_smile:

video: yup, i always have both installed, but i usually use xine (kmplayer for short films and emergencies)

vector: yup, sodipodi’s basicaly the best vector app i’ve seen so far. tried sketch, but it’s ugly and has less features then sodipodi

Thank you Eric and Silver_hook for you advise. I installed sodipodi’s and I like it. I am working on trying to find a copy of CorelDraw 9 for Linux. I know they made a copy of 9 for Linux. Until I do, sodipodi will work. As for the movie players, I am working on installing both. Thanks again for your help and advise.

  • Atariman -

As for Xine, good luck trying to install from RPM files if you are running RH9 (as myself)… those pesky RPMs just keep complaining about this or that library is missing (when it fact, it isn’ t)

I had much better luck installing from target source code. It takes forever to compile because you have to compile 3 different programs, but absolutely worth the effort.

Mplayer is somehow more powerfull than Xine (it has more features) but the GUIs available for Mplayer are kids play compared to the ones available to Xine, so I’ m divided over wich one is better choice.

BTW, had someone ever managed to do something usefull with Kbuddle ?

didn’t you think of vlc? I really think vlc is best… btw. it requires mplayer I think. :slight_smile: