LINUX: Blender > POV

(ganymed) #1

There is an python script (by Jan Walter) but it doesn’t work on my system. For further information, please have a look at the last entries @ -> group: povray.unix (user ganymed (me) ). There I have explained my problem etc.

If you dont want to read the article:
Can you tell me another script or converter which converts the blenderfiles (obj., dfx. and wrl.) to the povray format?

Certainly you dont all use povanim (windows) or jan walter’s script. There must be another possibility!

thx for responses

(DAK) #2

I have had strange (bugs?) happen with the pov scripts. A ball in a box renders fine, but when you get into highly detailed scenes, it can just crash and give weird errors.
Also you have to keep reshutting down blender because of the mass memory leaks with the script.

Also, convert subs to mesh before you run it.

(jms) #3

Povanim can be used on both system: linux and windows.