linux/ blender question?

(woiak) #1

does anyone Know how to get blender to open in a window rather than full screen? :-?

thank you

(Schlops) #2

type blender -h in a console window and you’ll get the blender commandline options. -w and -p is what you need.

(woiak) #3

I can’t launch blender from the command line!

I get the error
bash: blender: no such command

blender launches when i click the icon in both kde and gnome :o

thank for the help so far

(Schlops) #4

OK, right-click on the blender-icon in KDE (dunno about gnome, should be the same way) select Properties… and then the execute-tab. Theres a textfield labeled Command (I have a german KDE-version here, so I’m not sure if these are the right words). This is where your blender-executable is located. Type this (the complete path) in your terminal window, instead of only blender, followed by the -h option. Or put a link to the blender-executable somewhere in your PATH (e.g. /usr/local/bin/)

(tHe-IcemAn) #5

You can’t just type ‘blender’ and expect it to run if the executable is not in your path! Do you not know anything about paths in linux?