Linux Blender Scripting Question

Where does the output of this script get printed when you run Blender on Linux?

import bpy

On WindowsOS when Blender starts a console output window also opens, and generally the output gets printed there.

But I am using the Linux (Archlinux) and on Linux blender does not open a console output window, and so I cant figure out where the output gets sent when I run that script from the Blender Text Editor.

The output does not show up in the built-in Blender console window.

Anyone able to help me out?

Sorry for such a silly question.

EDIT: got the answer from #blender, on Linux you have to start blender from a console, then the output will be displayed in the console window you started blender from.

I was having the same problem on my OSX machine a couple of days ago. Turns out you have to open Blender from the terminal (Binary). That will launch a terminal/ console along with Blender where the output gets sent. I’m assuming the same goes for Linux, so I hope this helps. Good luck! =)