Linux: blender slowdown while rendering?

Hey everyone,

When I render a pic in blender, using windows xp, I can use another instance of blender (or the original if I’m rendering with YafRay) and it works fine. I set either YafRay or the original instance of blender to “belownormal” priority, using ctrl + alt + delete.

In Linux: Using the NVIDIA opengl drivers, blender is almost unusable while another instance or YafRay is rendering. The 3d viewports are VERY unresponsive. I usually have to “grab” a viewport with the middle mouse button once or twice before I can begin rotating the view.

Once it starts moving, however, it runs pretty smoothly.

If I don’t use the opengl drivers for linux blender runs fine while there is a render going on. I would do this, but it is too slow when modelling complex scenes/objects.

So: blender on windows xp and linux without opengl drivers works fine, but on linux with opengl drivers it is super laggy if a render is going on.

I’m using Windows XP, Mandrake linux 9.2, and a geforce 2 ti card.

Ideally I’d like to be using blender on linux with opengl drivers while I’m rendering.

I’ve tried decreasing blender’s nice value but this doesn’t seem to help.

I would really appreciate any help.