Linux CD Reading Utilities

Ever since I’ve been using Linux I have noticed that some of the data cd’s that I burned in windows won’t read in Linux. These problem cd’s contain hidden folders or zipped files. I have only been using windows up to now and thus haven’t had any problems with my data cd’s. Is there a Linux ultility for this prblem? I need to access some of my old Blender scenes that are stored on cd’s that I burned with windows. Arghhhhhhhh! This reallt bites. Thanks for your help.

I use Mandriva btw.

what software do you have and use in windows to burn discs?

Try umounting the disk and add nohide in your fstab

Something like this.

/dev/sr0 /mnt/burner iso9660 users,owner,ro,nohide,umask=000 0 0

Then mount it again.


Thanks. I’ll try that out.